Thank you for your interest in knowing us more, here is a short description about this website, how it started and what is the objective and vision.

About is a local businesses listing website, featuring business and organizations of almost every category to provide easy and trusted way of finding everything and anything in and around Udaipur. The core objective is to make everyday life of local citizens easier.



“Udaipurwale” was founded in 2015 as a Facebook Group where members can ask and find any particular thing, place, or person in Udaipur. With its clear objective of making everyday life easier, the group flourished to more than 150,000 members and became one of the most useful and trusted local social media platforms.

Gradually sub groups of Udaipurwale with more specific niches were also created like Udaipurwale Foodies, Udaipurwale Women, Udaipurwale Health and Education.

You can check all groups by Udaipurwale here