Knocking Out all Troubles: Story of Supriya Sharma


Single mother, No moral support, Unemployed for months, still, confident and fighting! This is the story of Supriya Sharma, a well-known name among female fraternities of Udaipur for her much acclaimed rental boutique, Rasm.

Supriya is a strong and inspirational personality. She was an NCC cadet during her school days, worked as a commonwealth ambassador for HIV patients, was active in sports and co-curricular activities and was academically brilliant. Supriya has achieved the degree of BA, LLB & MHRM.

Life tested her patience with serious health issues, half-hearted support of close ones, failed business partnership, responsibility of growing up son and fragile career opportunity.

She had to quit her job after working for six and a half years as a successful HR manager in a renowned firm due to severe health issues for which she even got admitted for quite a time. According to a serious advice from the medical consultants, Supriya could not continue her job.

She got this whole new idea of her business amidst the blue murder of her future life plans!

Inspite of all negativity going around, this strong lady never gave up and kept on fighting for her self-esteem and aspiration.

Supriya Sharma has been honoured by several awards and accolades by private and social organization, media etc. She is active in local women entrepreneur groups and keeps contributing in events focused on women empowerment.

This is Supriya Sharma’s story in her words.

When I started a new life with my son at a rented house, we had nothing, not even a gas stove to cook and or a bed to sleep. Friends came forward and helped us with basic amenities. It was like starting the life from zero.

My only assets were inner strength, self-respect, confidence and positive thoughts to survive the toughest time as a single jobless mother. Very slowly but steadily I started my business with the help of my former employer, it picked up well but at last the partnership failed, I had to quit and was dropped back to the basic again.

This time I attempted to do something outside Udaipur but nothing worked.

A close friend of mine said “Supriya ! Even if you are 1% sure that you can do something better in Udaipur then just do it! Even though you have less resource, just a thought of ‘Yes I can do’ will change everything and you’ll see the way through it.” I followed the same and returned back to Udaipur.

My near ones were a bit doubtful about where my life was going but I was still confident and started my rental dress business with the name “Rasm”.

I always followed principals, worked on my ethics, provided best service to my customers and that helped Rasm to grow each day. Now it was time to expand and I started another branch in a newly opened mall but it could not meet my expectation and I shut it down with some loss.

With all financial instability I kept working on and got another expansion opportunity and installed a unique store at Celebration Mall for flower and traditional gota patti jewellery on sale, Gehna (a unit of Rasm).

Outfits by Rasm boutique received praises at national and international standards & got acknowledged at United Nation’s International Beauty Pageant 2016 and also Mrs. World Wide Beauty pageant 2016.

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