Bad time doesn’t come with prior warning


How terrible it would be to have your hands handcuffed and you are escorted by police to your exam center. How you can concentrate on your exam, career and future when everyone around you see you as a criminal or culprit. More hurtful is when you are innocent.

This is a story of Shihab who was known as one of the sincere students in school and belongs to an educated and socially respectful family. This one incident of his is life changing for when he learned how problems can knock anyone’s door and how to face it, fight it and stand again to prove that at last truth has to win.

Apart from whatever happened with this young man, it needs guts to narrate the story again on a public platform.

This is Shihab’s story

That day was the most embarrassing day of my life when I reached my college to appear in internal exams, but I was handcuffed and escorted by two policemen. Everyone was looking at me, murmuring, faculties were staring. I requested the police constable to open the handcuffs but he ignored, taunting me that I deserve it.

For next three days I was escorted to the college with handcuffs and faculties used to ask me what crime I’d done and I was silent.

I was lodged in jail for four days as they alleged my involvement in rioting; in fact, I never hit anyone in my whole life. I was known as a sincere guy who never gets into other’s business but …destiny has something else for me. I was slapped 8 serious charges against me, and my only mistake was that, I was standing at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I cried that whole night in jail cursing myself, seeing my career getting destroyed, my dreams shattering, my family faced disgrace, but they supported me because they knew I was innocent. I was broken from inside but I had something that held me strong and I decided to come back. I had to prove my innocence, and prove my parents that I cannot put their name down.

Those 5 nights in Jail, the inmates, barrack, food, that weird atmosphere, I will never forget. It took 4 years to get the case resolved. Finally, I was proved innocent. I never give up, I studied hard and obtained my degree of engineering, I am now working as a civil engineer.

“Bura waqt kehke nai aata or jo bure waqt mein khada rahe wo kabhi haar nahi sakta”

“Bad time doesn’t come with prior warning and the one who stand firm in the bad time can never lose”


Moral: There are many young people who get depressed with incidents and failures in life and either choose wrong path or try end their life. This story teaches us that Failure is not Final and Success is never End

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