As you know Udaipurwale Group Network have 5 different facebook groups based on different niches and subjects. Most of the rules are common but some are very specific so here we are, please click the link to know rules of specific groups.

All Udaipurwale Groups are listed here on our Group Page CLICK THIS


Udaipurwale Group Free Advertisement Rules CLICK THIS

Policy of Banning/ Removing Group Members

We take action against group members as per the intensity and seriousness of the transgression. We UNDO the action if the member approaches and express regret and promise to abide the rules but in some cases we don’t even accept apologies.

Permanent Banning – Sexually, Violent, Abusive, Misleading, Fake posts or any content which is disturbing for society, Sending messages, friend requests to female members without their consent. Abusing moderators, admin or any team members of group.

Temporary Banning – Advertising even after getting warning, using harsh words to any group members, defaming any individual or organization, posting any politically or communally motivated posts, doing unethical business marketing, defaming any business or organization.

Removal – Advertising on prohibited day, sharing forwarded messages, sharing forwarded videos, images, sharing facebook page, promoting other groups or any unrelated content. We also remove anyone we feel is spoiling group’s reputation or exploiting any one or group of people using our platform.


*There are more than 5000 people banned from Udaipurwale Group. Unfortunately if you are also the one and want to get back, please contact us

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