Facebook is flooded with millions of small and big groups. But only a few are reasonable, collaborative, logical, tangible, moderated and held with a strong vision of providing value to its members.

Udaipurwale Group is started in May 2015 with the core objective of making the life of locals easier by connecting them altogether. Today the group is serving as a Classified, Job Board, Discussion Forum and a local online platform for anything and everything.

Udaipurwale Group is based on Consumer-to- Business concept, rather the traditional B2B or B2C. Here, it is the consumer who first demands by asking a query and then only businesses can approach them and turn into a deal.

The rules of Udaipurwale Group are formed carefully in the interest of both, people who have no commercial interest and those who have a commercial interest.

Any post which is intended to market, publicize, propagate, trade or gain attention for commercial or personal interest is called advertisement in this group and advertisements are strictly allowed only once a week.

Group’s common activities are posting queries & classifieds, commenting, advertising etc.


A . Posting in Group

  A.1. Posting a Query / Asking Suggestions/Recommendation

  A.2. Buying / selling any used items, automobile

  A.3. Renting House / Shop

  A.4. Job Searching

  A.5. Hiring professionals

  A.6. Achievement Posts   

  A.7. Miscellaneous Posts

  A.8. We Highly Discourage

B. Commenting in Posts

   B.1. Basic Guidelines of Commenting

C. Advertising in Udaipurwale Group

   C.1. FREE Advertisement

   C.2.Premium Advertisements

D. Group Actions by Admin / Moderators

E. Dispute between Buyer & Seller


Although every post on Udaipurwale Group is approved by the Admin Team before it appears publicly. Admin reserves the right to approve or reject the post as per the guidelines. To make the post easily approved and get desired response, you need to understand what is the right and best way to post any query on Udaipurwale group. Please read further to understand precisely.

(Sometimes we will allow content if newsworthy, significant or important to the public interest – even if it might otherwise violate Group’s guidelines. Admin’s consent necessary before posting.)

A.1. Posting a Query / Asking Suggestions / Recommendation

This is the most common activity in the group, almost every 7 out of 10 posts is a query related to looking for some special place, professional or thing and asking for suggestion and recommendations.

A.1.1. Post your query appropriately, use general posting if your post is not related to “selling something.”

A.1.2. Before posting a query, use Group Search option to find similar posts, most likely you may find your answer, but if not, you can always make a new post.

A.1.3. Incomplete, illogical, fake, commercially premeditated queries will be rejected/removed.

A.1.4. Frequently asked queries like the best doctor, plumber, electrician, restaurants might get a reply from Admin team with links of similar posts and the comments will be disabled.

A.1.5. A query should be a query not an advertisement, promotion, property selling.


A.2. Buying / selling any used items, automobile

Another frequent activity is classified related posts. Selling or buying used items, cell phones, bikes, cars, etc.

A.2.1. If Selling you must add the asking price with the tag #negotiable or #nonnegotiable

A.2.2. If Selling then it is encouraged that the post should contain an original photo of the product

A.2.3. If Selling then it is encouraged that you respond to those who comment, a nonresponsive post might get closed by Admin Team

A.2.4. If Buying Be specific and clear about your need, budget, preference and contact detail/way of contact


A.3. Renting House / Shop

Either looking for a house or renting it, Udaipurwale is the best platform to get house and shops on rent

A.3.1. The more clear and specific your query is, the more responsibility you will get to ultimately reach you to the final deal.

A.3.2. The post should contain – Area per sq.ft, Location, Facilities, Features, Speciality, Expected Rent.

A.3.3. Selling plots, house, shops are not allowed on weekdays. You can post it on Weekly Free Advt Day.


A.4. Job Searching

We have many young professionals looking for a new job in Udaipur

A.4.1. How you will impress by posting just “I want a job.” Be presentable, be clear and detailed about your expectation, expertise, passion, knowledge, and experience when you are searching for a job, so you get the response as you expected.

A.4.2. Nobody is interested in what do you want; everyone wants to know what you can do?

A.4.3. We can remove incomplete job queries or might ask you to edit it as per the guideline which is ultimately in your interest.


A.5. Hiring professionals

Many HR professionals and company heads are in a group and often using this platform to hire new recruits.

A.5 .1. From petty jobs to management level, your post should have specification easy to understand

A.5.2. Your post should have contact address or way to connect you personally


A.6. Achievement Posts

We encourage group members to share their any small or big achievements in the group to make people part of your special day and accomplishment.

A.6.1. Post achievement post with the hashtag #Achievement

A.6.2. You can post your own achievement or your friend’s achievement too

A.6.3. Achievement post should be a real achievement of some kind and not for self-promotion and marketing

A.6.4. We suggest you take prior consent of admin before posting #Achievement


A.7. Miscellaneous Posts

A.7.1. Anonymous Post – Admin can post anonymously to help members on for sensitive issues like medical, health, legal etc.

A.7.2. Posting images – Photos are not encouraged in the group until and unless exceptional, connecting to the current circumstances or prior consent of group admin.

A.7.3. Posting Civic problems – Posting civic problem is complaining to administration and not every post will be approved until and unless exceptional or prior consent of group admin

A.7.4. Posting for crime/accident alert – Make your post short, clear and if possible give first witness experience instead of forwarding the message by someone or at least confirm before posting in the group.

A.7.5. Asking for blood donor – Use group’s “search” option to find similar topics before making a new post. It will take you less time in finding right blood donor.

A.7.6. Lost / Found objects – Don’t reveal confidential information in a group if you find any PAN / Driving License/ Credit Card.

A.7.7. Lost / Found person or a pet – Post only firsthand account and don’t forward message as you receive.

A.7.8. Posting Events update – With the hashtag #upcomingevent #EventforCharity, you can post once in a week for information purpose and not to promote. This excludes New Year Party events.


A.8. We Highly Discourage

A.8.1. Fund Raising of any type for any cause

A.8.2. Posts provoking forming of new groups in or outside Facebook

A.8.3. Free Events for the purpose of marketing

A.8.4. Promoting Social Work under a political banner

A.8.5. Any post intentionally targeting city administration

A.8.6. Fake Posts to create any confusion, unethical marketing

A.8.7. Work from Home, zero invest earn the millions type

A.8.8. Any forwarded message for any cause

A.8.9. Asking baby names or vote for my baby type

A.8.10. Surveys / Research and asking for member’s contribution (admin’s consent required)

A.8.11. Any negative or even positive reviews when not asked (further explained here)

A.8.12. Communally, Religious and politically motivated posts

A.8.13. Posts with Conflict of Interest. (Services similar to Udaipurwale Group’s interest)

A.8.14. Controversial topic or any subject potentially controversial


B. Commenting in Posts

Commenting on a post shows how group members interact with each other

B.1. Basic Guidelines of Commenting

B.1.1 Be on point and to the topic of the post.

B.1.2 Avoid jokes / mock even if the person who posted is your friend (not everyone in the group know that).

B.1.3 Answer the query only if you know and /or have authority or else tag the friend whom you know best to answer

B.1.4 Don’t ask a new query in the comment, to make the query, post a new topic in the group.

B.1.5 Don’t market your business when it is not required.

B.1.6 Don’t promote your facebook page deliberately in comments.

B.1.7 Behave as good as you can and avoid harsh language or indulge in the fuming debate.

B.1.8 Don’t make religious, communal or political statements, and derogatory remarks against any individual, group or organization.

B.1.9 Close the comment when your query is resolved (there is an option in the post).

B.1.10 Always share good experience because nobody asked your bad experience.

B.1.11 Don’t comment if you don’t like the question or the person.

B.1.12 Comments with intention of creating panic, exhibiting influence, spamming (commenting more than once, repeatedly same thing) are strictly not allowed.

B.1.13 If you have authority please disclose it so that others can understand the intensity of your statement.

B.1.14. Recommending services like Google, OLX or any platform providing manpower, search engines, directories, groups with similar interest commercial or non-commercial is not encouraged in comments. (Conflict of Interest)


C. Advertising in Udaipurwale Group

Udaipurwale Group proved as one of the wonderful platforms to market and introduces local businesses in a most effective and affordable way. To serve the business fraternity we have both free and paid opportunities.

C.1. FREE Advertisement

C.1.1 Group members can promote their business once in a week i.e. Saturday on Udaipurwale Group under Free Advertisement Guidelines ( Read here )

C.1.2 Group members can recommend their business by answering the relevant queries.

C.2.Premium Advertisements

C.2.1 For all premium paid advertisements on group please check this page How to Promote on Udaipurwale

Endorsement of any business, organization and events by Udaipurwale Group or its associated groups doesn’t mean that we guarantee the product or service and we are not liable for your experience with the brand. Udaipurwale is a medium of advertisement only, Udaipurwale Group doesn’t sale or trade in any third party business or enterprises.

The words *Promising  are used as a marketing terms only.


D. Group Actions by Admin / Moderators

D.1 Delete – Deleting posts, comment inappropriate or against any policy is the first and lighter action.

D.2. Mute – Muting any member is disabling his / her power to comment or respond for any set period of time, max 7 days.

D.3. Remove – Removing group member from group is temporary action and member is free to join again.

D.4. Ban – Banning permanently is a stricter action although banned member might join again but with admin’s consent.


E. Dispute between Buyer & Seller

E.1. Udaipurwale Group and its network groups never guarantee or warrantee any authenticity of any business and services promoted by or in the group, although claims against each can be objective but we are not liable for your preference of buying and selling with any individual or brand.

E.2. Disputes between both parties can be solved mutually.

E.3. In case of fraud, cheating, misguidance please contact group admin for consent.

Group Moderators

+ Dhawal Rawal

+ Akshita Bordia

Group admin reserves the right of changing terms and conditions without any prior information.

The terms and conditions are updated on 2nd January 2018