February 5, 2019

I Learned How To Face & Fight Obstacles: Shikha

Shikha Dashora, is just like any other young girl, full of enthusiasm, dreams to achieve, and ambitious. But her background is unusual as compared to most of the girls of her age. Shikha has seen life’s bad, ugly and tough phase from very close and learned not only to face it but also to fight it back.

Shikha’s story in her own words

My parents got separated when I was one year old. No, they didn’t get divorced, but my father married another woman because of getting pressurized by his parents, and the reason was nothing else but, ‘dark complexion’ of my mother.

My mother lived a very tough life after marriage. My grandfather had a Namkeen shop and my mother used to help him.She used to wake up at 4AM to fetch water, setting up shop and arranging things before it opens, and keep the food cooked and ready for all her sister in laws. In evening she had to prepare for the cooking by breaking coal, wash the shop utensils and do all the household chores and at last her day use to end with the abuse of in laws in terms of her complexion.

Finally my grandparents married my father to another woman. My maternal grandfather could not see the pain and agony of my mother and he took all three of us, me, my sister and my mother with him.

When grandpa (my nanaji) took us at his home, my mother continued to work and support him at his shop in order to become self-sufficient and not dependent. My mother worked there for almost 23 years.

Another phase of life started when I was in class 10th and my nanaji died. My maternal uncle became our caretaker but after few years my Mamaji also died. Things went worst when some close relatives forced me and my mother to leave the house of my grandfather, but this time I decided, not to let my mother suffer anymore.

I started working by the time I completed graduation. I set up our home with all basic amenities, owned a vehicle and now trying hard to get our own house.

I saw my father three times in last 26 years and he doesn’t want us anymore. Only I know the pain and torture with which my mother and we two sisters went through. Few months back I came to know that my father is no more.

The last hope to meet him someday has also ended.

I know there are bigger obstacles in my way and I am ready to face them, fight them and win over them. Besides my job, I am also working on entrepreneurship to start something of my own.


Motive of these stories: Every one of us has obstacles in life, tragedies, sad or dark phase but not everyone takes it as a challenge and fight back. These real stories of real people are inspiration to others who might be feeling same and facing similar challenges in life.

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