Verified Business is a paid service provided by to privilege members. With just Rs.1499/ for a year, a Verified Business can get 10 special privileges on Udaipurwale Group and on this website.

  1. One Introduction Post of verified business by Admin on group
  2. Apart from Saturday, the Verified business can post ads on Sunday as well
  3. Pre Approved Post; Verified Business accounts don’t need Admin’s approval
  4. Special Hashtag #Verified while posting weekly free advertisement on group
  5. All verified business will be listed on the group’s announcement post
  6. Certificate of Trusted Brand will be given to registered businesses, which they can display in shop/ office as a testimony of their authenticity (for established business only)
  7. Register maximum 2 businesses of your own in one verified account
  8. Get 50% off on cover banner of Udaipurwale Group
  9. Verified Businesses can post Festival Greeting messages on Group
  10. Verified Icon on Business listed on

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