January 23, 2019

How Fix-The-Leak Campaign Is Fixing The Environment

We as human beings have all the active physical senses, but it’s unlikely to have similar parameters of sensitivity to the things going around us, like how we react to violence, natural or manmade demolitions of nature going on around the world.

Talking about smaller issues, we sometimes also neglect that echoing sound of slowly dripping of water from the tap, maybe because we don’t think how saving those few drops can make a huge difference to our environment and the inhabitants.

But not with Alpesh Tated, a chartered accountant by profession, he believes that those leaking drops can fill an empty glass, a bottle, a bucket and even a tank, every drop is valuable and every drop should be saved, so he started a campaign “FIX THE LEAK”.

If you have a leaking tap Alpesh is just a call away, he will get it fix through his team of plumbers without taking any charge from you.

While leaking taps in our houses are very common issues, most of the time plumbers ignore such calls because the imbursement is too low in comparison to big tasks. To solve this, Alpesh Tated made a pool of few plumbers who he pays on per day basis and also the conveyance charge. With the help of social media platforms Alpesh started the campaign and successfully fixed nearly 60 leaked taps.

Highly inspired by Mumbai’s Aabid Surti’s Drop Dead Foundation, Alpesh’s Fix The Leak campaign is getting a welcoming reception in the city of lakes where water plays one of the most vital roles in the life of its citizens.

When asked how and when it started, Alpesh said, “One day I received a whatsapp forwarded message of Drop Dead Foundation by Aabid Surti and how they are working for saving water. It inspired me and I thought to myself – I am 35 and never thought of any social responsibility before this, I know the value of water and had also been victim of plumbers’ tantrums. So, just give it a start. I believe that destiny gave me a hint and I followed the path.”

With no team of volunteers or any banner of NGO, Alpesh single handedly started FIX THE LEAK in June 2018. He works every Sunday with his team of plumbers. And since it is channelized through the idea of Fix The Leak, the plumber arrives quickly at your place after getting informed of his duty by Alpesh, and that’s how it works.

When asked about his future plans, Alpesh said “Working for 8 Sundays, we checked/repaired 60 leaking taps. Now I am making a whatsapp or facebook group of likeminded people who had earlier approached me to help and contribute in this cause. I am really grateful that people are supporting. Thereafter we will take decision based on consensus”.

How to inform about leaking tap?

Message Alpesh Tated on FB or WhatsApp on 9460315376 (with Address, contact details and picture of leaking tap).

“The service is free of cost but if there is any part(s) which has to change then that should be bear by the resident”, informed Alpesh.

Water is scarce in many parts of the world and the availability is always the matter of uncertainty in under developed countries, a small attempt to save this valuable gift of nature can also play biggest role in fixing the environment, fixing the leak is really inspiring so is the person behind it.

Udaipurwale.com a local community initiative is always supporting such cause and people behind it. If you know anyone with such inspirational story and vision, please let us know by writing us to [email protected]

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