January 29, 2019

6 Most Inspirational Pro-Photographers Of Udaipur

Doing odd is not every time accepted until you prove your decision to be rightly chosen. And when it comes to career, it needs confidence and courage to opt for passion over academic qualification, and ultimately turning it into profession.

There are few young and enthusiastic youth of Udaipur who effectively proved their decision of taking their passion for photography as full-time job and not only this, with their extremely professional approach, technological advancement and creativity, they are giving real tough time to the traditional pro-photography sector of the city.

Udaipurwale.com is pleased to feature such 6 extremely amazing and inspirational pro-photographers who turned their passion into profession and established their own individual identity in several genres of photography like Pre Wedding, Newly Born, Product photography, Food, Architectural, Portrait etc.


Saurabh Patwari – Saurabh Patwari Photography

One of the most unconventional professional photographers Udaipur has is CA Saurabh Patwari, he is a pakkatrendsetter, specialized in portraits and interior photography. Saurabh discovered his passion during his brother’s wedding.

When asked about his major career switch from being a Chartered Accountant into a Photographer, Saurabh replied, “Yes, completing CA as a sincere student indulged my time and mind in such a manner that I forgot our minds can be trained for creativity, well, that’s until I found an opportunity of making my sibling’s pre-wedding. I had something for camera and photography, and I capitalized this opportunity in the best possible way”.

He said, “Also local photographers were charging so much that we bought a new camera in that price. After showing the photos on a big screen on reception day, it was viewed by more than 2000 people, soon I started getting offers.”

Saurabh has developed very effective techniques for portrait editing by frequency separation layer, making Dodge and Burn etc.  And in interiors he very well understands the use of HDR, active D-lighting, 360 degree images and drone usage.

He continued, “I always think of creating something different than usual and that’s how I am growing.”

Phone – +919001234111

Email – [email protected]

Facebook – CA Saurabh Patwari


Anshul & Ankur Sukhwal – Clicks to Remember

You are definitely going to remember the clicks by Anshul Sukhwal, the founder of “Clicks to Remember” who is specialized in capturing candid & destination wedding, pre wedding, portraits, newborn photography and even outdoor or architectural photography.

Bioinfomatic Engineer Anshul Sukhwal’s interest for photography started while working with Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Anshul said, “Once during a lab retreat to Bandipur National Park we sighted a giant tiger, many of my colleagues had camera to capture that amazing moment but I missed that. It hurt me and then I started saving money and bought my first camera.”

When asked how he took photography full time being an engineer, Anshul said, I lost my mother during Ph.D. days (June 2nd, 2012). Being at best of the institutes of India, I needed to move out of India for post-doc opportunities. Born and raised up in a joint family setup, I am always more inclined towards family than money. So, I decided to stay with my father and younger brother Ankur, who is also now associated with me.

“Career is something which always came like a destiny to me. Life events kept changing the career, and hence I never worried about it. I am now settled in Udaipur and pursuing photography as a full-time/profession since September 2017. Finally I got something which I love doing every day.”, says Anshul.

Clicks To Remember

Phone: +91-7204787573 & +91-9019534417.

Facebook: ClicksToRemember

Instagram: ClicksToRemember


Achal Kothari – Achal Kothari Photography

Achal Kothari is one of the youngest pro photographers in the list, he is talented and ambitious. Achal loves to click everything from people, food, landscapes, to product photography.

While narrating how his photography journey begin, Achal, an MBA graduate said, “I never wanted to do job and after completing my studies I decided to take care of my family business, photography begin in 2012 when I borrowed a DSLR from my uncle to click my niece’s portrait on her 1st birthday and that’s how I started capturing memories.”

From renting a camera to owning Nikon D3300 (Beginners Level) to Nikon D750 (Professional Full Frame), Achal Kothari is now capturing every special occasions, including food photography.

“At starting, it was difficult to manage photography, family business and also studies, but with friends and family’s support I am now going smooth with it.” said Achal.

Achal also mentioned, “Thanks to Udaipurwale Group because of which I got my first project for post wedding of an NRI couple.”

To contact Achal

Phone – 9950790043

Instagram – Achal Kothari

Facebook – Achal Kothari


Samir Samuel David – Samir Samuel David Photography

Started as a hobby, Samir Samuel is known for his unprecedented perspective to capture and present his subject. Specialized in Portrait, Kids, Fashion and Architectural Photography, Sameer is well known among the photographer’s clan, and equally loved by his clients.

He said, “I started clicking with my phone, then with canon point and shoot camera till I joined the DSLR clan, and soon realized that I have a different perspective of seeing things around me. I am able to bring out the unsaid, unheard and unseen shades of beauty.”

Aspired to become engineer, Samir completed his software engineering and also MBA in marketing. However after working in corporate world for nearly 7 years he realized that he has special skills which does not require to achieve someone else’s targets.

For Samir, photography is more like painting a blank canvas with different shades of colors, like bringing life to a blank canvas. Faces, smiles, tears, laughter, expressions, water, places, structures, animals and everything around, inspires this young budding pro-photographer.

Samir says, “This is something that makes me happy and I believe that happiness is the only purpose of life”.

Samir can be reached and followed on

Phone – 7742243436

Facebook – Samir Samuel David Photography 

Insta – samueldavid85


Rajat Mogra – Spoon ‘n’ Snap

Rajat Mogra the founder of Spoon n snap is the person who contributed majorly in the transformation of F & B Industry in Udaipur with his creative talent of Food Photography. Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, food and product photography is Rajat’s specialization.

“Working under close niche always creates recognition and value”, says Rajat a B.Tech in IT who accidentally turned into pro photography.

While narrating his story of becoming photographer Rajat said, “It was when I was working as a quality analyst in a reputed company, my mother got ill and there was no one to take care of her except me and my elder brother, I left my job to be with her fulltime. I used to cook, because I also love to cook and am curious to learn new dishes. I always used to watch videos and observe the way the chefs presented their dishes.”

“I started decorating my plate and clicking it with my digicam and then post on instagram, friends started liking it and I got something interesting to do. That’s how I started food photography and gradually getting contracts from local restaurants.”

Rajat founded Spoon – n – Snap and now taking multiple projects from food to product photography and also videography for socialmedia promotions.

To reach Spoon – n – Snap

Phone- 9468517261

Facebook- www.facebook.com/spoonnsnap

Insta-SpoonnSnap RajatMogra


Neemit Gandhi – Maa Photography

From being a professional 3D Animator to a professional Photographer, Neemit came long way but successfully made a strong base because of his passion and ambition to do the best and capturing memories of his clients. Neemit is expert in Wedding, Pre-wedding, Maternity and baby photography.

Dropping out from engineering, Neemit was always fond of creativity and his quest landed him to 3D animations. He did his Bachelors in 3d Animation and VFX. As technologies were changing fast, mobile phones and cameras were also part of the rapid tech revolution, during this Neemit started clicking photos from phone to save it as memories.

“While working in several animation institutes as a trainer I keep on clicking photos and it became my hobby, to improve my photography I purchased beginners DSLR. The next came my sister’s wedding and during that time pre-wedding photography trend had already started so I proposed them to let me click their photos and it really came out well, so well that I also captured their wedding, and soon I was bombarded with offers.”

The day I was capturing the pre wedding moments, I had the feeling of being a part of such moment was very special and this Photograph added a great value in my “Memories”.

In 2016, I expanded my services in Udaipur with Maa Photography.”

Contact details you want to make public

Phone –  +91 9029497813

Facebook – Maa Photography

Insta – Neemit Gandhi


Please write to [email protected] if you are also member of Udaipurwale Group on facebook and have such an inspirational story.

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