How to promote business on Udaipurwale Group Network

Udaipurwale Group network is a largest, most active and well moderated group of Udaipur on Facebook. More than 120,000 people are connected with 5 different groups of Udaipurwale focused on Food, Education, Health, Women, and Business & Shopping.

This makes Udaipurwale also as one of the most effective platform to promote business and services in very affordable way.

We offer both Free and Paid services to our group members to advertise their businesses. With very simple rules to be followed, group members can promote business and extend its reach to thousands of people.


On Udaipurwale Group we have SATURDAY is the day of Advertisement which starts from  9AM to 9PM – Click this to know our Free Advertisement Policy

On Udaipurwale Foodies we have TUESDAY for all Home Bakers, Home Chefs (who provide only home delivery), Tiffin Service, Food Products Provider, Online Vendor, Fresh Perishable Product seller, Home Delivery Service

FRIDAY for all Restaurant Owners, Cafés, Bakery Shop, Food Trucks, Food Courts.

On Udaipurwale Women we have FRIDAY as Weekly Advertisement Day which starts from midnight of Thursday till Midnight of Friday.


Promising Brand


Udaipurwale offers premium advertisement, promotion and marketing to selected businesses every month under its special program “Promising Brands”.

It’s a paid promotional program to provide special privilege to businesses associated with Udaipurwale Network.

The program is strictly First Come-First Serve and only for first 20 businesses. Every selected business will get a package consisting of

  • 2 Promoted Posts of your business by Admin
  • 1 cover image (for 24hrs)
  • 1 bonus post or contest in any of our network group

Super Brand


Superbrand is an annual promotional program for the brands associated with Udaipurwale Anniversary Program, which is organized in the form of series of online contests, starting every year in the month of May and ended in June.

Advertisement on Website

We also have options to provide you promotion on our website with different options and packages.

Please write us on udaipurwale[AT]gmail[DOTCOM] or click this Contact Us form

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